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Selling a Home

What is it Worth?
Probably the single most important service we can provide is to ensure that you receive the absolute top dollar for your home with the least amount of inconvenience to you within a reasonable amount of time. We have experience to analyze your home´s value, the expertise to advise you on any necessary changes to enhance marketability and the connections to find buyers and facilitate the appraisal, inspection and closing processes. While your busy juggling your usual day-to-day activities, we'll by busy finding a buyer and managing the sale!

Before the Sale:
We will meet with you immediately to discuss pricing, staging and showings. And develop a personalized marketing plan to promote your listing to the total market area.

During the Sale:
Our aggressive advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and comprehensive features and benefits book about your home will spread the word to the marketplace. Our rapport with area agents also facilitates sales. And we´ll keep you informed every step of the way.

After the Sale:
Our extensive contacts and excellent relationships with mortgage, title and financial institutions, ensure smooth closings. Many of our vendors are people we have dealt with for over 40 years.


Buying a Home

Think of us as your ultimate personal shoppers:
The key to being a great shopper is knowing where to find exactly what you want. Thanks to our excellent networking capabilities, we can usually find the home you are seeking. In fact many times we link our buyers with sellers who haven't yet put their home on the market!

We will help you determine your "shopping range":
We will help you determine the price range of home you can afford

Call any time you're curious about a property:
Every one of our team members is available to answer questions knowledgeably because we're networked electronically and meet regularly to discuss your needs.

When we find your dream home, we'll advise you and negotiate the best possible price!

And if you'd like:

v Schedule a whole house inspection

v Assist in negotiating any repairs

v Assist you in arranging the best possible financing

v Coordinate all paperwork in the transaction

v Provide ancillary resources to facilitate your move


If you have any real estate questions, please don't hesitate to call us
at 815.338.3850 or by email at